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True Healing

True Healing

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And when I sicken, then He health me, (80) And who causes me to die, then give me life (again). (Al-Syuara’: 80-81) Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Prophet PBUH said: “Every illness has a cure and when the proper cure is applied to the disease, it ends it, Allah willing.” The Prophet s.a.w used three types of remedies for various ailments: natural, divine and combination of both natural and divine. Complex medicine – life nowadays is too complex. So, there are many modern illnesses that were complicated because of complex lifestyle. Because of that, the medicine mixture that used must be a combination of several substances or ingredients. These arguments entail facts that are known in the medical profession. It show the details treatments with Complementary Medicines (Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Herbs and Bio-chemic) for 53 cases with patients testimony and pictures such as Asthma, Chronic Bed Sore (Diabetic Patient), Bells’ Palsy, Cervical Spondylosis, Degenerative and Prolapsed Disc, DVT, Electrical Burning 415 Volt, Fibroid, Hyperventalilation Syndrome, Migraine, Mild Stroke, Ovarian Cysts, Stress, SLE, Hepatitis B Reactive, Thyroidal Cancer, etc.
Complementary Treatment : Quranic and Sunnah Approach