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Yeast Mediated Batch Fermentation of Terminalia arjuna

Yeast Mediated Batch Fermentation of Terminalia arjuna

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Ayurveda is one of the ancient systems of medicine developed and practiced in Indian. Various herbs, herbo-mineral and fermented products are being used by the practitioners. The fermented medicines are categorized as Arishta and Asava. These are suggested for varieties of disease management. In modern system of medicine numbers of drugs are sourced from plants. Various groups of secondary metabolites are being explored in terms of better drugs or as an intermediate or as an initial raw material. Number of active metabolites of diverse nature from plants have already been extensively been studied. The fate of fermentation on the flux of secondary metabolite is still unexplored. The present work deals with the fermentation of Terminalia arjuna-a cardioprotective medicinal plant via two approaches one as per classical Ayurvedic procedure and other yeast mediated
Comparative study of Modern and Classical Fermentation Techniques