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Hair Restoration Medical and Surgical Options

Hair Restoration Medical and Surgical Options

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Modern stress of profession has created early scalp hair loss. Understanding of scalp care and nutrition improvement adds to restoration of scalp hair. Medical options in hair restoration also include use of local and systemic medicines with different doses for gender and age. Care of hair bearing scalp is important for the stress stricken young executives of modern era. Many ancient hair care ideas are still helpful along with modern medical care. Surgical hair restoration includes various methods of transplantation of own hair. Hair transplantation science has evolved in recent years. The donor areas for hair restoration can be utilized through harvesting of a hair bearing stripe or plucking individual hair roots. Implantation of hair into bald areas results in permanent hair. Hair restoration by any of these means can be helpful in personal image building for an Individual.
Traditional and Modern treatments For thick, strong and plentiful hair Including Hair Transplant