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Tourism Development In Kazakhstan

Tourism Development In Kazakhstan

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Tourism sector in Kazakhstan is not so developed. But as we know the Republic of Kazakhstan is in the list of new states and the future of its tourism can be viewed as perfect. Kazakhstan is one of the post-Soviet states. The Republic of Kazakhstan is well known for rather unique natural and geographic conditions. Kazakhstan owns many things for every kind of tourist. A history and diverse ethnic heritage have left scores of diverse sights of interest for the sightseer. The natural environment offers innumerable opportunities in eco and sports tourism, the latter including trekking, mountaineering – particularly mountains, fishing and hunting, the latter already popular with an established clientele who value the diversity of species available and the relatively low cost of such trips. The wealth of religious sites, mostly, but not all, connected with Islam, attract a steady and growing number of visitors. That’s why the tourism sector in Kazakhstan is growing up year by year.