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Statin Pharmacogenetics in Metabolic Syndrome

Statin Pharmacogenetics in Metabolic Syndrome

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Metabolic syndrome is a modern era disease which has engulfed wide regions of the world and the problem is increasing at a rapid pace. The atherogenic dyslipidemia associated with the metabolic syndrome predispose to cardiovascular events. The Statins are considered first-line therapy for treating Dyslipidemia. Clinical response to statins is highly variable and genetic factors play an important role. Sterol regulatory element binding factors (SREBF) – SREBF Cleavage Activating Protein (SCAP) pathway play important roles in lipid metabolism and homeostasis. Identification of genes & genetic variants that influence statin responsiveness holds promise for a safe and effective treatment of Dyslipidemia in Metabolic syndrome.
The SREBP-SCAP Pathway