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The animal side of “mood disorders”

The animal side of “mood disorders”

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Evidences show that some animals are prone to the depressive condition, in particular guinea pig. Also rat and pig, like guinea pig, seem to born as animals already predisposed to mood disorders. Beyond the existence of a link among the various bio-molecular sequences of events leading to human depression, there is an inherent predisposition to mood disorders of some animal species able to modify their behavior. Consciousness occurs, according to the most recent acquisitions, among linear and not linear mathematics and quantum computation, open to the interpretation of psychopathological phenomena. It seems to be consistent the hypothesis that Schrodinger proteins interactoma and in particular the cytoskeleton nanowire network is the best biological interface for potential expression of consciousness, being typical and specific for each animal species and that consciousness is always a potential. It’s very fascinating to think that every animal possess a primary Schrodinger proteins complex (cytoskeleton) and even in the absence of circulating serotonin there is a potential of consciousness that is essential to the behavior of life forms.
Mood disorders between humans and animals