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Physiotherapy Management of Unilateral Vestibular Lesion

Physiotherapy Management of Unilateral Vestibular Lesion

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Dizziness, vertigo,light-headedness or imbalance are common symptom experienced by many people. Vestibular system is responsible for sensing motion of the head and maintains stability of images on the fovea of the retina and postural control during that motion. Disorder of vestibular function result in abnormalities the vestibular system. A patient with unilateral vestibular lesion faces difficulties in their day to day activities due to their various vestibular symptoms. This book throws the light on various rehabilitation approaches available for patients with unilateral vestibular lesion. Vestibular rehabilitation is an effective approach for these patients and it helps them in restoring their activities of daily living.
An approach to unilateral vestibular disorder patient