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Arteriovenous Thrombosis in Chronic Renal failure patients

Arteriovenous Thrombosis in Chronic Renal failure patients

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To determine the frequency of thrombotic complications and to identify factors associated with arteriovenous thrombosis in patients of chronic renal failure receiving renal replacement therapy.The study was carried out at Sindh Institute of Urology &Transplantation, Karachi from May 2003 to December 2003. Over-all frequency of 2% out of 3000 patients suffering from arteriovenous thrombosis was found to be deficient in one or had combined deficiency of these. Thus our study of end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients presenting with arteriovenous thromboembolism serves to emphasize the need to reconsider the perception that this clinical entity is rare and requires further studies to verify it. Further, it states the importance of anticoagulant therapy in these patients for preventing further clot formation and allowing the normal fibrinolytic process to dissolve the clot
Thrombosis in Chronic renal failure patients receiving renal replacement therapy