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Management of Depression through CBT and Homoeopathy

Management of Depression through CBT and Homoeopathy

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Acceleration in the speed of occurrence rate of cognitive distortions and suicides in different age groups are serious consequences of increasing frequency of depressive incidences in the society all over the world and is also impairing the social and occupational functioning. Depression has been spoiling the lives of people and their families. It is worth consideration that in spite of being a potentially treatable mood disorder, the awareness among the people about seeking help, from professionally qualified physicians and therapists is not up to the desired level, especially in India and other developing as well as in under developed countries. The increasing cost of conventional treatment and its side effects has also been one of the factors in restricting the accessibility of general public to avail treatment. Efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions in the treatment of depression is of significant importance for many reasons. It helps people to cope better with adverse pessimistic effects of their diseases and they may be able to participate actively in the process. This book is designed to help the people suffering from depression by CBT and Homoeopathy.
An Empirical Study on Mitigation of Depression