Deep Vein Thrombosis   of lower limb  : Treatment modalities

Deep Vein Thrombosis of lower limb : Treatment modalities

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Venous thromboembolism commonly manifests as deep vein thrombosis of the leg, but it may also occur in other veins like cerebral sinus, veins of the arm, retina and mesentery. According to American Heart Association, more people suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) annually than heart attack or stroke. The incidence of DVT in the general population has been estimated to be 80?100 per 1,00,000 annually in the western societies, 4?75 per 1,00,000 in South?Asia. In India, the incidence of DVT is not well highlighted and literature survey shows scanty works in this field. Most of the literature available in India is from the orthopaedic departments, overall incidence of DVT in general population is largely unknown. The routine applicability of prophylactic anticoagulation in our patients is also not well defined.
Morbidity stratification and domiciliary treatment