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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Health Education Intervention

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Health Education Intervention

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Adherence (or compliance) is a dynamic, relative, complex, and multidimensional concept. Adherence of hemodialysis (HD) patients to medical instructions is considered crucial for a longer life expectancy and better quality of life.There is a solid evidence that non-adherence (NA) of end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients correlates with morbidity and mortality.Despite severe consequences, non-compliance with their medical regimen is the norm for dialysis patients rather than the exception.Although that the NA problem is important, there is remarkable paucity in researches which deal with NA of patients under HD in Saudi Arabia.This study aim at ameliorating the adverse consequences of NA among HD patients through testing the efficacy of health education (HE) intervention on adherence to ( HD sessions attendance, medications, fluid and diet restrictions ).The current study describes different techniques of HE for patients on HD in a comprehensive way and gives scientific background for understanding characteristics of HD patients.Furthermore, it provides powerful tested tools to minimize the NA problem, so decrease the direct and indirect costs that appear as a consequence of NA.
For Treatment Adherence of Hemodialysis Patients in Makkah, 2013