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Biochemical studies related to Testicular torsion and detorsion

Biochemical studies related to Testicular torsion and detorsion

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The ischemic/reperfusion injury was investigated by using an experimental animal model of testicular torsion/detorsion in rats to mimic the clinical condition of testicular torsion experienced in clinical practice and the study model was successfully developed in our research laboratory.The torsion was applied for a period of 30 minutes by surgical operation by twisting the spermatic cord at 7200 rotation.A sham operated control group was set up without torsion/detorsion surgical procedure. The testicular tissue was reperfused by detorsion for the duration of 1hour, 24hours, 48hours and 1 week in different group of rats. At the end of the specific experimental period the animals were sacrificed to remove the testis for histopathological and biochemical analysis. The biochemical changes were analyzed to reason out the nature and cause for affecting testicular function and therefore fertility.
Testicular function during torsion/detorsion