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Human Mandible - an Osteometric Study

Human Mandible - an Osteometric Study

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The knowledge about the anatomy of mandible and its variations in age, sex and race will help physicians, surgeons, medico-legal authorities and anthropologists to give correct interpretations for the diagnostic procedures in living. We collected the human mandible bones from the department of anatomy,SVIMS University and around Tirupati region to study the Osteometric studies by using 22 different parameters. When all the variables are considered together and treated statistically, six factors have been extracted which could explain 75.2 percent of total variation in the data from all variables. Six dominating characters that possibly explain the nature of the mandible are Height of ramus- right, Body thickness, Anthropometric arch width, Inter incisor width, Mandibular index and Mandibular angle. The present study reveals that mandible of unknown gender can be sexed to the extent of 75 percent accuracy by carefully studying all the 22 parameters which we have studied by statistically treating the data.
Mandible, Anatomy, ossification, Morphometry, Sex determination factors