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Advancing Global Tobacco Control

Advancing Global Tobacco Control

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Tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in the world. The disproportionate increase in tobacco use in low- and middle-income countries needs immediate attention. Approximately 90% smokers in the world begin smoking as adolescents and are most likely to become permanent smokers. Moreover, youth are highly targeted by tobacco industry strategies. A significant gap exists in literature to understand tobacco use and control in youth on a global level. In this work, a detailed comprehensive investigation is conducted using the Global Tobacco Surveillance System to identify several factors associated with tobacco use and control in youth. A number of modifiable factors have been identified for augmenting global tobacco control in youth. Well-executed anti-smoking campaigns, parental and peer anti-smoking education, inclusion of anti-tobacco education in school curricula, comprehensive smoke-free policies, and comprehensive ban on tobacco industry strategies are important approaches to prevent tobacco use and advance global tobacco control in youth.
Worldwide Youth Tobacco Use and Control