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Cataract among Adults (40 years and above) in Rural Jammu, India

Cataract among Adults (40 years and above) in Rural Jammu, India

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The present cross-sectional study envisages to document cataract prevalence, its relationship with various factors and cataract surgical coverage among adults (40 years & above). This study was conducted in two randomly selected villages in Miran Sahib zone of RS Pura block of Jammu District in India. For the purpose of studying the prevalence of cataract, aphakia / pseudophakia resulting from previous cataract surgery or an opacity observed against the red glow of the fundus, through a dilated pupil, using Distant Direct Ophthalmoscope were classified as cases. A survey of the selected villages was carried out to enumerate those eligible for the study. The adults enumerated as eligible were then contacted through house-to-house visits to find out the prevalence of cataract & its association with factors like age, sex, literacy status, occupation, socio-economic status, family history of cataract, body mass index, Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension.
A Study of Prevalence of Cataract, Risk Factors and Surgical Coverage