Biological Investigation of Leaf Extract of  Polygonum hydropiper

Biological Investigation of Leaf Extract of Polygonum hydropiper

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The present study was planned to evaluate the anti bacterial, anti nociceptive, gastro intestinal motility, anti pyretic, acute toxicity investigations of leaf extract of Polygonum hydropiper in albino mice following oral administration.The results showed of anti-bacterial test that chloroform extract has sensitivity against B. cereus, B. subtilis, S. aureus. In case of anti nociceptive activity ethanol showed maximum sign of activities than other extracts.Chloroform extract showed significant results in a comparison with loperamide 50 mg/kg b.w (189.8 minute, charcoal defecation time) on gastro intestinal motility test.. Ethano & chloroform extracts showed appreciable reduction of temperature than paracetamol 50 mg/kg b.w within 1 hour on yeast induced pyrexia in albino mice.Highest dose introduced as 1000, 2000 & 4000 mg/kg body weight of each 5 extract in acute toxicity test did not shown any sign of toxicity in albino mice in one week observation.