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Nerve Blocking and the Brachial Plexus Sheath

Nerve Blocking and the Brachial Plexus Sheath

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This book includes pictures of my own work in the anatomy lab. This includes E12 plastinations and microscopic technique. Over the years there have been a debate of the anatomy of the cervical fascia especially the brachial plexus sheath the anatomy of this sheath is important in clinical anesthesia. In my work I will be demonstrating that this sheath does not cover the root of the nerves coming out from neck vertebrae. There should be different approaches regarding how to insert the needle around different areas in the neck. It seems that the E12 plastination studies are more reliable for knowing the exact organization of the fascia in the neck. Further work might be needed to explore the structures around the brachial plexus in order to understand the exact anatomy of the brachial plexus sheath.
Human Neck: Fascias in clinical anesthesia