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Nidra In Ayurveda

Nidra In Ayurveda

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Sleep,a greatest gift of god is provided to the living creature.life without sleep is somewhat impossible.Human brain is like a battery which needs sleep to get recharged .Scientists around the world are trying hard to understand the physiology of sleep and many research projects are carried out in different forms.Ayurveda has given special preference to sleep and has regarded sleep as one of the important factor for the survival of the Human race.Proper explanations are provided by the acharyas of Ayurveda which reflects the importance of sleep in those periods.Till today human society are facing many gravious difficulties for the disturbed sleep.Ayurveda has regarded sleep as one of the sub-pillar of of human life.From this we can understand that if the sub-pillar falls then human life will also fall.Insomnia brings chaos in ones life.Ayurveda has described fruitful measures which are beneficial for the people suffering from insomnia.So,if the physiology of sleep can be asertained then it will become easier to unlock many unsolved questions that the human being is suffering from in relations to sleep.