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Spirit, Action and Health: Traditional Relationship

Spirit, Action and Health: Traditional Relationship

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This book provides the reader with historically and currently relevant views of the relationship of spirit, action and health from traditional, indigenous perspectives. It is based in historical and pre-historical Welsh, Celtic and European traditions and includes and honors perspectives from diverse traditions. People’s actions, their occupations, have been informed by spirituality and tradition and have influenced their health and well being since Paleolithic times in Europe. Although specific healing practices may not be known, relationships that comprise well being are evident cave paintings, the sculpture, stones and burial chambers throughout Old Europe. The Celtic relationship with nature continues many of these ways of knowing and being. The spiritual nature of humans and healing, the importance of relationship with the land and nature, the importance of community and the relationship of creativity and healing live in the practices of people working through their ancestral traditions today. This study suggests that understanding the traditional knowledge of our ancestors can inform and enrich our understanding and practice today.