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The Adenoid in Children

The Adenoid in Children

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In this book I investigate and discuss two questions regarding the adenoid in children. The first problem is that of adenoid recurrence and whether it is related to the method used for the primary adenoidectomy. In this regard I decided to compare the standard curettage technique to the suction diathermy technique by means of a prospective randomized controlled study. I decided to not only compare some aspects regarding removal of the adenoids, but more importantly the effect of each of these methods on the status of any residual adenoidal tissue six months after surgery. The second problem that faces the clinician is regarding the visualization of the adenoids during examination. The current gold standard examination is direct visualization using a flexible fibreoptic endoscope, which is a minimally invasive technique with the potential for causing anxiety and perhaps pain to the patient. In this regard I decided to compare the standard method of preparing the nasal cavity using a combination of topical decongestion and topical anaesthesia, with a decongestant alone, to see if discomfort increases in the absence of a topical anaesthetic.
A comparison of two methods of performing adenoidectomy and two methods of preparing the nose prior to endoscopy to assess adenoidal size