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Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

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Although total hip replacements are successful operations, the rate of loosening of the cemented acetabular component increases exponentially from ten years post-operatively. A survey among 431 Orthopaedic Consultants showed wide variations in fixation techniques of the acetabular component. This book consists of three phases that lead to proposed methods of improving the cement fixation of the acetabular cup during cemented total hip replacements. The preliminary phase consists of a review of the literature and survey of surgical practice of the acetabular component fixation. The Second phase consists of investigations of different fixation techniques by finite element methods and experimental investigations. The final phase consists of the results and designs of proposed tools to assist surgeons improve the fixation of the acetabular cup and recommendations for further work.
Improving Cement Fixation of the Acetabular Component, Using Finite Element Methods and Experimental Investigations