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Immunobiology of Graft Versus Host Disease

Immunobiology of Graft Versus Host Disease

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Stem cell transplantation (SCT) is a curative treatment for many malignant diseases, metabolic and genetic disorders.Several complications limit the expanded application of this method. Graft versus host disease (GVHD) is one of the most serious complications related to SCT. During the last decades, sustained efforts have been made to conquer GVHD. Animal models play an important role in understanding the pathophysiology of GVHD and subsequently successful therapeutic strategy. The present book aptly summarizes updated knowledge about the pathogenesis and immunobiology of GVHD in a simple language and also presents a new mouse model of GVHD based on chemotherapy conditioning. This model mimics the clinical situation, where we can bring the results from experimental studies to the clinical practice. Translational medicine is the way to improve the clinical outcome for the patients and to increase their life quality.This comprehensive and reader friendly book is a valuable resource for medical student, professionals and researchers in the field of stem cell transplantation and immunology. Professor Moustapha Hassan, Karolinska Institutet
Introduction of new mouse model of BMT and GVHD based on chemotherapy conditioning