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Thai People''s Responses to High Blood Pressure

Thai People''s Responses to High Blood Pressure

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Sociological studies have revealed how living in modern society can lead to sickness and poor health, and how socio-economic conditions shape individuals''experiences of health and of illness. In the cultural context of Thailand, and referencing its health care system, this book presents how Thai people cope with high blood pressure and the various ways they respond to it as a condition. Lay people''s complex ideas regarding hypertensive disease and the influence of both local and formal medical knowledge on such ideas are illustrated. Based on qualitative approach, the book reveals how Thai people relate to becoming ill, making sense of high blood pressure and also how they respond to it. It also vividly examines the different ideas on hypertension held by Thai lay people and health professionals alike, as well as the socio-economic conditions which constrain their responses to the condition. This book will be especially useful to those who are interested in health sociology, social scientists as well as health professionals.
Beliefs and Constraints