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The Health Seeking Behavior of Jhangad community(an Ethnic minority)

The Health Seeking Behavior of Jhangad community(an Ethnic minority)

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Health Seeking Behavior is a usual habit of a people or a community that is resulted by the interaction and balance between health needs, health resources, and socio-economic, cultural as well as political and national/ international contextual factors. Therefore, the study "Health seeking behavior of Jhangad community” was designed to explore the affecting factors to receive appropriate health services. The objective of the study was to identify the factors associated with health seeking behavior of the Jhangad community. The study duration was June-November, 2009. Quantitative and Qualitative data were collected.Epi-info and SPSS13.0 and Chi-square test was used. Most of the population found illiterate,they perceived disease as pain,higher the economic status greater the health seeking behavior in modern health facility, Agriculture was the main occupation of Jhangad community and more likely preferred to go to traditional healers, gender didn''t play any role in health seeking behavior of the people in Jhangad community, because of cultural practices and traditional faith, Health Education is found to be the most important instrument to upscale the awareness of those people.
Health seeking practices on: Self medication, alternative medication and Modern medicine and decision making.