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Hygiene and Sanitation practices of street food vendors

Hygiene and Sanitation practices of street food vendors

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There has been noticeable increase of food vendors most cities in Africa and most parts of the globe, who sell both raw and cooked food items. It has been instigated by rapidly growing and changing food demands alongside the need to diversify and/or employ income sources in the face of declining incomes. Due to the enormous increase of street food vendors being sold close to sewers and along the roads, a study was done to determine the hygienic and sanitary practices of vendors on street foods. A sample of street food vendors, street food consumers and Public Health Officers were interviewed in Nairobi. This work examines the hygienic and sanitary practices, experiences of consumers of street foods and the role of public health officers. This work gives also recommendations on street food vending to enhance the safety of the consumers as street foods are here to stay. This work is ideal for food safety experts, institutions offering food safety, health and nutrition research bodies and health government ministries.
Hygiene and sanitation practices of street food vendors in Nairobi, Kenya