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Inter-Professional Hospital Quality Impact of Biomedical Engineering

Inter-Professional Hospital Quality Impact of Biomedical Engineering

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Understanding the relationships between clinical and non-clinical caregivers in the hospital environment of care is vital to determining best practices that improve patient outcomes. The purpose of this study is to understand the relationships among biomedical engineering technicians (BMETs) and clinical caregivers in order to promote hospital quality through the reduction of hospital acquired infections associated with medical equipment. The BMET health support occupation is under-represented in research despite evidence that validates their indirect impact on patient outcomes through their medical equipment duties. Results from the Biomedical Engineering Interdepartmental survey determined the effects of structural complexity and process adequacy in Clinical Engineering using structural equation analysis under the theoretical framework of Donabedian’s Structure-Process-Outcome model. Statistical analysis leads to recommendations that hospital environments that create a coordinated organizational culture of interdepartmental device management through communication, collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge management can promote quality and therefore, reduce adverse events.
Structural Equation Modeling