Anthropometric parameters  of   the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria

Anthropometric parameters of the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria

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Most researches in anthropometry were conducted on children, probably because of their vulnerability. It was discovered that anthropometric measurements of the adults are very important for various academic and clinical purposes. This book therefore provides a lot of insight on the anthropometric parameters of the Hausa ethic group, one of the predominant tribes in Nigeria. It has provided information on anthropometric parameters of height, weight; body mass index and blood pressure of the Hausa ethnic group, including the relationship between the above parameters. Similarly it has also provided information on cephalometric parameters of this ethnic group which could be compared with other ethnic groups and races. The information contained in this book should be especially useful to anthropologists, nutritionists, biomedical scientists, optometrists, clinicians and other related professionals
An evaluation of anthropometric and cephalometric parameters among the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria