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Effect of Season on Prakriti

Effect of Season on Prakriti

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Nature has given us the different types of the seasons. These seasons have great influences on human beings. Seasons have an impact on the doshas due to ups and downs in temperature, humidity and all other climatic factors. Human beings are in a continuous struggle against the environmental conditions to maintain the health. The best preventive medicine and support of the healing process is a diet and lifestyle specific as per constitutional needs along with seasons. In present study, considerable physiological variations observed among pittaja and kaphaja prakriti in comparison to vataja prakriti in all the three seasons. Thus, the influence of seasonal variations may affect pittaja and kaphaja prakriti individuals at a faster rate than vataja prakriti individuals. Furthermore, we also obseved that influence of seasons on blood groups A, B and O is greater than AB blood group individuals.
Season and Prakriti