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Dr Izhar Textbook of Toxicology

Dr Izhar Textbook of Toxicology

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The book is one of few attempts for students preparing for under graduate examination in Toxicology. The whole book is in the Question and answer form, which will be extremely useful for the students who do not know the art of answering questions in the examination and do not fare well despite their vast knowledge of the subject. Inspite of this the continuity of the matter in each chapter is retained. The language of the book is simple, lucid and understandable to average students. Suggestions regarding the subject matter and the pattern shall be welcomed.This book contains principles of toxicology, principle of management, corrosive poisons, irritant poisons, organophosphorus compounds, arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, vegetable poisons, opium, alcohol, chloroform, deliriant poisons, spinal poisons, animal irritants, cardiac poisons, asphyxiants and many more.
For Medical students