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Interactive Web-Based Education:

Interactive Web-Based Education:

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5 constructivist-based learning environments, or LEN Types, were designed and developed that promoted learning in problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking skills, teamwork and collaborative learning as well as communication and presentation abilities. A Multimedia-Mediated Web Learning (MMWL) framework was developed which showed that, by engaging students in constructivist-based LEN Types within a curriculum-based setting using multimedia and web-based projects, they would learn to organise their own learning process, cultivate their critical-thinking and collaborative skills, enhance their problem-solving and interpersonal skill-set, and be motivated to learn. In addition, the MMWL highlights the impact of these LEN Types on the roles of the teacher and students and the instructional relationships between the teacher, students and technology, providing educators with a methodology for developing effective LEN Types in the classroom and combining various instructional strategies for more enhanced student learning.
A Multimedia-Mediated Web Learning (MMWL) Framework