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Health Seeking Behaviour of Disabled People in Bangladesh

Health Seeking Behaviour of Disabled People in Bangladesh

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10% of the world''s population suffers from some sorts of disability. The declaration of the Alma-Ata of "health for all" and MDGs will never be achieved without ensuring health of disabled people. But, unfortunately no significant work has been done in Bangladesh to deliver proper health services to disabled people; rather they are just overlooked by all mainstream services including health. Though there is an abundance of research on health seeking behaviour, very little has been done with disabled people. In order to increase the proportion of disabled people who seek appropriate treatment, health professionals and health programme planners need to know more about factors that influence health seeking behaviour in relation to disability. A better understanding of health seeking behaviour associated with disability should assist us to improve the health services for disabled people. This book is expected to help the readers to understand the health seeking behaviour of disabled people in Bangladesh.
Practices and Determinants