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Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Screening

Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Screening

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The present study was undertaken with the objective to explore the anticataract potential of methanolic extract of Butea frondosa leaves by oxidative stress (Hydrogen peroxide) in Goat eyes (lens) and also the anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extract of Butea frondosa bark in rats. Butea frondosa is commonly known as Palash and the plant belongs to family Leguminosae. In view of the literature findings, sufficient studies were reported on flowers and seeds, and lesser attention was paid towards leaves. Therefore, the present study was planned to concentrate upon leaves and was selected for the study, which is a rich source of phytoconstituents. In Chromatographic studies the TLC plates were observed using different solvent systems, detected under short wave UV spectrophotometer, with a Rf value of 0.26, 0.30, 0.42, 0.55. After conducting phytochemical test, focus was on to isolate the desired compound using repeated column chromatography. Chloroform and Methanol (9:1) were used as eluent for separation of desired compound from the crude extract.
Phytochemical Investigation, Characterization and Pharmacological Screening of Butea Frondosa