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Study of Trividha Bala W.S.R. To Yuktikrita Bala

Study of Trividha Bala W.S.R. To Yuktikrita Bala

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Man has made progress in many fields concerning health aspect, but rate of morbidity increasing day by day. Change in lifestyle,lack of exercise are may be main causes of poor health. Health is directly proportional to strength of an individual. Hence it is the time to inculcate people about strength. This is a complete study of strength according to Ayurvedic directives. Strength depends up on many things. All those things are grossly collected in this study under the headings of Ahara (Diet), Vihara (Regimen) & Aushadha (Medicine). This study is conducted upon children of urban slums in Pune city (India). These people live in poor hygienic conditions of food, water and sanitation, which ultimately affect on their health. The worst effect is seen on their children. It stunts growth rate of children; declines their strength and thus creates problem of undernourishment. Hence, along with the literary study of strength; clinical trial was conducted with the help of Hitakara Ahara (minimum essential diet) & Ashwagandhasiddha Ghrita (medicated Ghee By Withania somnifera). Study shows that Diet with Medicine is better solution of undernourishment than only Diet or only Medicine.
A Clinical Study of Physical Strength With Essential Diet & Medicated Ghee Of Withania somnifera