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Risky Sexual Behaviors among High School Students

Risky Sexual Behaviors among High School Students

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Ethiopia is a country with an overwhelmingly young population. About 63% of the total population of Ethiopia is below the age of 25 years. Young people of ages 10–24 are the largest group to be entering adulthood in Ethiopian history. This cohort of young people makes up 25% of the total population (2007 Census). This young section of the population in Ethiopia is faced with multiple and interrelated social, economic and health problems. Young Ethiopians suffer the most by the consequences of risky sexual behaviors; they are confronted with unwanted pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and social trauma attached to these problems. Unintended pregnancies still affect the lives of many young girls, forcing them to drop out of school, and thereby endangering their lives (2011, World Health Organization). This blue print book provides appropriate information, regarding the associated factors of risky sexual behaviors among in school young Ethiopians in the study area, for the concerned bodies to make intervention.
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Risky Sexual Behaviors among High School Students in North West Ethiopia