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Child and Adolescent Growth and Development

Child and Adolescent Growth and Development

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This manual is assigned for pediatricians and health care workers who deal with children and adolescents, based on an updated methodological approach. It displays twelve chapters that cover: an overview of the normal patterns of human growth, intrauterine growth/growth retardation, influences of growth, growth monitoring and promotion, adolescent and puberty including; manifestations of sexual maturation, adolescent growth spurt, psychological & social development of adolescents and abnormalities of growth and stature. The manual provides a detailed description of theories of child development and different domains of child behaviour and developmental screening. The last chapter is a description of a one-day practical training for the Primary care and school physicians. Primary health care workers are expected to make use of this material in the context of self-learning, training courses, and training of trainers. The focus is on material that is practically relevant. Every attempt has been made to keep the information as current as possible. Special attention has been given to the use of illustrations and tables to present a maximum amount of information in a concise manner.
Practical Manual for Primary Health Care Workers and Pediatricians