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Pulsatile Drug Delivery System

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System

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Pulsatile Drug Delivery Systems are gaining a lot of interest as these systems deliver the drug at specific time as per the pathophysiological need of the disease, thus providing spatial and temporal delivery and increasing patient compliance. Diseases wherein such delivery systems are promising include asthma, peptic ulcer, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, attention deficit syndrome in children, and hypercholesterolemia. This book will cover various approaches that have been developed to control drug delivery profile with different polymeric systems like time controlling, internal stimuli induced (temperature induced and chemical stimuli-induced),external induced (magnetic fields, ultrasound, electric fields and light stimulation) and Multiparticulate system. Special attention have been made towards recent advances, patents, future opportunity and major challenges regarding formulation of pulsatile drug delivery of oral dosage forms and are summarized and discussed.
Future Opportunities and Challenges