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Medical Waste Management in Bangladesh

Medical Waste Management in Bangladesh

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Medical waste management forms an essential part of the hospital service which involves technical, financial, managerial, administrative and logistic supports from national level. Hospital services deserve more attention since everybody wishes to see hospitals as ideal place for medical treatment having sanitation and hygienic activities. Bangladesh with its more than 150 million populations is overburdened with medical wastes. The result of the study has shown the variation of different variables used for the comparison among different category institutions and between government and non-government hospitals. No tertiary hospital and no government specialized hospital initiated medical waste management practices Non-government hospitals are managing waste better than government hospitals. Nosocomial infection rate is much higher in government hospitals than Non-government hospitals. Result indicates the lack of sufficient initiatives from government end for introducing medical waste management practices in Bangladesh. The rate of nosocomial infection in government hospitals should immediately be addressed for the sake of controlling spreading of infectious diseases.
Policy and Practices