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Materia Medica of Eastern Medicine (Compound Remedies)

Materia Medica of Eastern Medicine (Compound Remedies)

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Practice of medicine is as old as human existence. The extensive studies on earliest civilization and the prevailing religions, it is quite evident, that the philosophy of medicine originated by not as a science but as some dogma, magic, superstition and spirits. However, it was Greek philosopher physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C) who had freed medicine from the imagination of magic, spirits and superstition. The foundation of fundamentals was laid down by the father of Unani medicine “HIPPOCRATES” and a number of other Greek Philosophers, physicians and scholars have not only enriched the system but also gave it –a status of science. “Unani” was derived from the word “IONIAN” which indicates it origin to Greece. “TIBB” means medicine. Hence, the Unani Tibb- or Eastern Medicine is a system of medicine is an age old time tested system. In modern scenario world is being changed in a global village. We are responsible to develop this System of Medicine. To develop it and to transfer in a better state to next generation, it is quite essential to give literature in such language, which is better understood.
A Complete Guide on the Compound Formulations of Eastern System of Medicine Practiced by Unani Medicine Clinicians