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Burden of Non Communicable Diseases

Burden of Non Communicable Diseases

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The study was carried out in Chiraigaon Community Development Block of Varanasi District for a period of two years.The study area is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. A Community based cross sectional research design was adopted for this work. Sample size estimation was based on prevalence of at least one risk factor at 90%; with permissible error of 5%. In all two hundred and one subjects were included in this study. The study subjects were drawn following a standard statistical procedure. The primary tool in the study was modified proforma based on WHO- STEP wise approach. The other tools in the study were weighing machine, steel anthropometry rod, measuring tape and sphygmomanometer. Prevalence and pattern of risk factor were assessed by interviewing the subjects and subjecting them to anthropometric assessment and biochemical investigation. Weight, height, Waist circumference and hip circumference recording were done following standard technique. In order to pinpoint correlates of risk factors of NCDs, univariate and logistic regression analysis was done. An attempt was made to identify attributes of subjects at higher risk of non communicable diseases.
Prevalence, Spectrum and Correlates of Risk Factors of Non Communicable Diseases in Rural Area of Varanasi District.