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Salutogenic Potential & Health Promoting Behaviors of Indian Students

Salutogenic Potential & Health Promoting Behaviors of Indian Students

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Salutogenesis is relatively new concept and less explored area in the field of Health Promotion. The theory explained why some people remained healthy despite being exposed to psychological or pathological risk factors in terms of Sense of Coherence (SOC) & General Resistance Resources. Students from Manipur, a state in the North East India migrate to other part of India for higher studies. This book showed the results of comparison of SOC & Health Promoting Behaviors between two different ethnic groups of students-Manipuri (Mongoloids) vs North Indian (Caucasian). It also showed the correlation between SOC and Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile. The results showed specific health needs of migrant Manipuri students. The difference in health promoting activities warranted specific strategic planning. Overall, the book highlighted the urgent need for inculcating health promotion activities among younger generation. This book will be useful for Medical and Non-Medical research scholars, Policy makers, Educationists, and of course students who are interested in research on health promotion and salutogenesis.
Sense of Coherence & Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile Scores: A Comparative Study of Manipuri & North Indian Students