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A Review on Osmotic Drug Delivery System

A Review on Osmotic Drug Delivery System

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During the past three decades significant advances have been made in the area of the novel drug delivery. In a typical therapeutic regimen the drug dose and dosing interval are optimized to maintain drug concentration within the therapeutic window, thus ensuring efficacy while minimizing toxic effects. Survey indicated that dosing more than one or twice daily, greatly reduces patient compliance. So in recent year considerable attention has been focused on the development of novel drug delivery system and the main reason for this paradigm shift is relatively low development cost and time required for introducing a novel drug delivery system as compared to a new chemical entity. In the form of novel drug delivery system, an existing drug molecule can get a new life there by increasing its market value competitiveness and patent life among the various novel drug delivery system available in the market, per oral controlled release system hold the major market share because of their obvious advantages of ease of administration and better patient compliance. These products provide significant benefits over immediate release formulation.
Novel Drug Delivery System