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Metaplastic Lesions Of The Female Genital Tract

Metaplastic Lesions Of The Female Genital Tract

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Metaplastic and pre-neoplastic lesions of the female genital tract are very commonly found in the ageing females more so after menopause. Where as pre-neoplastic lesions, as the name suggests, can transform into a full blown malignancy with time, the metaplastic lesions are not quite notorious, albeit little. It therefore becomes necessary to differentiate pre-neoplastic lesions from metaplastic ones so that proper methods are put into force in proper time so as to save time, money and most importantly the patient. This work of ours is just a beginning of a whole new chapter which believes in early detection of metaplastic lesions histologically, which may or may not progress to pre-neoplastic lesions and further to fully blown neoplastic ones. This book focuses more on the metaplastic lesions of the female genital tract (uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix etc) and their relative incidence with each other. The facts in this book are based upon a study conducted on over 200 post-operative patient specimens, over a period of two years in a tertiary care hospital facility in Jammu and Kashmir region of India.
Metaplasia-The Silent Killer