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Determinants of health facility delivery in Mpigi District – Uganda

Determinants of health facility delivery in Mpigi District – Uganda

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Mpigi District is a rural district in Uganda with high maternal morbidity and mortality. While most pregnant women in Uganda attend antenatal clinics, few ultimately deliver their infants in a health facility. A review of maternal determinants and factors associated with health facility delivery is the focus of this study. This is a quantitative, descriptive, cross-sectional study of 257 women in the Mpigi District. The results show that women delivered in health facilities because they expected a safe delivery. Ten factors were found to be significantly associated with a higher possibility of health facility delivery: eight or more years of education (P=0.002); previous health facility delivery (P<0.0001); first delivery in a health facility (P<0.0001); the other factors included the history of a non-health facility delivery; percentage of deliveries in a health facility; number of antenatal visits; socio-economic status; number of individuals living within a household and distance from a health facility. This book shows the significant determinants of health facility delivery in this rural setting.