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Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis of Trichomoniasis

Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis of Trichomoniasis

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Vaginal trichomoniasis is linked with many obstetrics and gynaecological adverse effects and higher risk of acquisition and transmission of HIV. It has also been recognized as a predictor for cervical neoplasia. The World Health Organization estimates that out of the global incidence of 174 million cases per year, 44% (76.5 million) of cases occur in the South and South East Asia. However, the exact magnitude of the problem is not known especially in developing countries. This book provides research information about clinical and laboratory diagnosis of trichomoniasis among females living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The author has also given a comprehensive literature review touching most of the aspects of the trichomonas infection. Hence, this book is useful for postgraduate students and professional interested in trichomoniasis.