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Brain tumors and Depression

Brain tumors and Depression

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The incidence of depression in patients with brain tumors varies in the range from 10% to 80%. Both anatomic and physiological perturbations in the brain are likely involved in the associations between depression and brain tumors. Tumor treatments are also associated with depression. 115-adult-brain-tumor-patients were examined at the Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Hospital Center Zemun, by using a clinical Hamilton Depression Scale (HADS). The level of depression and symptoms was studied before tumor operation as well as at three months after operation. Before tumor operation 16% of the patients had depression according to Hamilton Depression Scale (HADS), while 10% had depression at three months after operation. This research illustrates the need for a prompt neuroimaging of the brain when patients present any atypical psychiatric symptoms, late onset of (>50 years old) first depressive episode or fast changes in the mental state. Better understanding of the relationships between brain tumors and depression should lead to improvement in patient care.
Relation between depression and size, localization, pathohystology of brain tumor and influence of operation