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Malignant Odontogenic Neoplasms

Malignant Odontogenic Neoplasms

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We, the authors of this book have clinical experience of odontogenic malignancies as we were part of a Government institution of West Bengal, India. we have tried to share that knowledge with readers so that these rare tumors should get more exploration. this can help to get more knowledge on favorable treatment modalities,prognosis and survival rates.some tumors of odontogenic origin are dificult to diagnose as they mimic to other benign and malignant tumors.correct identification of these neoplasms will help to give right treatment planning so that it can reduce the morbidity and motality rates related to these tumors. In the future,gene profiles that are unique to odontogenic tissue or odontogenic tumors may also help in identification but presently the diagnosis of odontogenic malignancies is based on clinicoradiographic findings and subjective histopathologic and immunohistochemical evaluation.
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