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Increasing Breastfeeding Rates With Evidenced-Based Interventions

Increasing Breastfeeding Rates With Evidenced-Based Interventions

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The benefits of breastfeeding have been well researched as well as the protective effects of human milk against acute infections. According to the evidence, increasing breastfeeding rates in women is best achieved by breastfeeding classes, phone follow up shortly after delivery, follow -up appointment with the Primary Care Provider (PCP) within 5-7 days after delivery and community support.By utilizing evidence-based interventions in the Somali Bantu population an increase was seen in the percentage of Somali Bantu women who initiated breastfeeding. The increase seen in Somali Bantu women initiating breastfeeding and a decrease in women exclusively bottle feeding suggests that breastfeeding education is an important intervention, even if there are language and cultural barriers to overcome.
The Effects of Evidenced-Based Interventions in Increasing Breastfeeding Rates Among the Somali Bantu Women