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Total Peripheral Resistance Response To Metaboreflex Stimulation

Total Peripheral Resistance Response To Metaboreflex Stimulation

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Diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system are the single greatest cause of morbidity and mortality among the world’s aging and elderly population. And, hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure or hypertension afflicts as many as 73 million Americans and over one billion people worldwide. And 90% of hypertensive individuals have essential hypertension, which is defined as elevated blood pressure of unknown cause. This study focused on essential hypertension, which is prevalent among the aging and elderly population. Specifically, this study examined the relationship between the exaggerated mean arterial pressure response of hypertensive adults as mediated by the metaboreflex and the role of total peripheral resistance in that exaggerated response. This examination of the altered and exaggerated blood pressure response of hypertensive’s to exercise should add insight into the disease process of hypertension. Gaining a greater understanding of the mechanisms underlying essential hypertension will aid in its prevention and treatment.
A Comparison of Hypertensive and Normotensive Adults During Exercise and Post-Exercise Ischemia