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Role Of Facial Parameters In Teeth Selection

Role Of Facial Parameters In Teeth Selection

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Esthetics and function of the denture is the primary consideration for patients seeking prosthodontic treatment. One of the primary concerns in denture esthetics is selection of the anterior artificial teeth. Toward this end, the size and form of the maxillary anterior teeth are important to dental esthetics as well as facial esthetics. The goal is to have the maxillary anterior teeth restore optimal dentolabial relations into appear attractive, the maxillary anterior teeth must be in proportion to facial morphology. Several anatomic measurements have been proposed to aid in determining the correct size of the anterior teeth, among them the intercommisural width, bizygomatic width, interalar distance and interpupillary distance. Scientific literature so far available regarding selection of artificial teeth demands more intriguing study.This present study was undertaken to determine whether consistent relationship exists between mesiodistal dimension of maxillary anterior teeth with bizygomatic width and interalar distance and the variation of relationship with age and sex.
Importance of Bizygomatic width ,inter alar distance and interpupillary distance in selecting maxillary anterior teeth