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The Influence of Zoonotic Infections on Occupational Health

The Influence of Zoonotic Infections on Occupational Health

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This book has been written to create public awareness on the health risks involved when one becomes exposed to zoonotic infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, trematodes, cestodes and some arthropods. Further, an attempt was made to provide a comprehensive, reference Health Information on the clinico-pathological effects of zoonotic infections on the Occupational and Industrial Health of workers worldwide. Indeed, due to the multi-organ damage caused by the chronicity of zoonotic infections, patients often require complex and multiple surgical operations to save their lives. Thus, the use of blood transfusion therapy, with its associated, inherent health hazards is, therefore, indispensable during these surgeries. It is for these reasons that blood transfusion therapy and the Haematological aspects of Iron-deficiency Anaemia observed in various zoonotic infections, were included and discussed in the text.
The Public Health Education Perspective on Epidemiologic Approach to Control of Zoonotic Infections